Live in nothing less than the home of your dreams.

We believe in creating a stunning home that is conducive to how you live today. Our goal is to build your lifestyle into the entire property, making it versatile and seamlessly connected to you and your natural surroundings.

Architecture and design by our partner, Blair Austin Studio
For how you live

Imagine the spaces in your home.

We’re excited to partner with Blair Austin Studio for architecture and design. You’ll meet with them initially to help get the ideas flowing. Will the morning sun greet you in your kitchen each day? Do family gatherings float between the kitchen area and living room? Who else should you consider, children, visiting friends, aging parents? Your home can fit your lifestyle, so as you prioritize the features of your home, we’ll consider function and flow, keeping it versatile and flexible and helping you find your perfect balance between architectural details and practical considerations. We’ll also consider maximizing the lot for views and natural lighting.

Brainstorm big ideas.

Budget & Timeframe. Our preferred builders are familiar with Salt Wynd’s Design Guidelines and will help you every step of the way. The builder you select will meet with you to determine your budget and timeframe and will work hand-in-hand with the designer to ensure your lifestyle is built into your home.

Pre-design. The team will work with you to create a detailed list of your needs and desired items to include in the design. They’ll prioritize the necessities and document your vision.

Site Analysis. We capture all of the attributes that your site has to offer and design the home to incorporate every opportunity the land provides — views, breezes, topography, and natural light.

Schematic Design. The team will spend a great deal of time exploring all of the options for your home and create the formwork for the construction documents.

Interior Design & Selections. We can work with you to determine personalized selections for your home.

Think of all the great moments.

As our team begins working on the architectural drawings and begins pulling permits, you’ll be busy imagining upcoming moments in your new home. We encourage you to use these moments to help refine aspects of the design. How often will you entertain? Will you have a lot of visitors come and stay? Consider the areas of the home that transition you to the outdoors. How will you use the patio in winter? Would a fireplace or fire pit be suitable? How should landscaping and hardscaping play out over the seasons?

Interiors by Blair Austin Studio

Let's build it.

Once the design is complete, and as we finalize and assemble all the plans — including the architectural drawings and landscape plan — we help you prepare the package for committee review. Once approved … it’s time to break ground.

Get in touch for details on our custom homes.

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